About Scribble

Created for SFPC Week 1 Homework. Assignment: make an artwork on the theme of encoding.

Scribble explores the boundary between encodings and typefaces. Like morse code, each of our symbols maps directly to a letter of the alphabet. But the symbols we use look hand-drawn and connected, like a cursive script. The encoded sentence appears deceptively legible. Is it someone's private alphabet? Even if the letters look nothing like the ones we know?

Made By

Eve is a motion graphics director, running NeverOddorEven.tv. She has been designing and directing motion graphics for 9 years, partnering with ad agencies, interactive firms, media companies, and filmmakers to direct the motion graphics components for large projects

Andrew has worked as a developer at several startups. He recently moved from San Francisco to New York City, where he is writing poetry and making software art.