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My review of the decade in web culture
Dec. 31, 2019

Posted to Twitter on December 31st, 2019, and added to this blog a while later.

5. Biggest comeback: animated gifs. They made your site hot in '97. Then, all through the 2000s, they were corny and outdated. Trash. Now, they're not just back, they're beloved and important. I can't think of a real life comeback this big

4. Saddest breakup: rofl & lmao. In the olden times, they traveled together, arm in arm, nearly inseparable. Now rofl is left in the dust while lmao has skyrocketed to fame and glory. Lmaooooo sorry rofl

3. Most popular: emoji, obviously. Not just a tool of communication, they've become part of language itself. Pretty sure everyone loves them. ✨

2. Hardest fall: mIxEd CaPs TyPinG. It used to mean you were a cool hacker, now it means you're an idiot.

1. Best meme: baby yoda. That's right. Because the only meme is the now meme. All past memes were prelude, and to even consider them for this award is a moral failure. To truly meme, live in the moment you must.

Thanks, it's been fun! See you in 10.