Hi, I'm Andrew. I live in San Francisco, where I run the San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup and work on creative projects.

Some Things I've Done

Published two papers in the field of formal language theory. The problem they examine is a natural generalization of DFA minimization. For the first paper, my friend Ian and I co-published with a professor across the world who'd coincidentally discovered the same results at the same time. The follow-up paper appeared in a conference, and actually reached the public first. See citations.

As the first employee at Disqus.com, designed, built, and launched the first versions of the API, deployment, internationalization, and third-party authentication components.

Made a website called Your World of Text. It's a creative/artistic site that has been included in gallery showings, taught in college classes, nominated for a Prix Ars Electronica, and changed someone's life.


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